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So, you want to try and make a go of it online, huh?  Is it safe to say you're
probably feeling a little bit overwhelmed right about now?  It's okay...

You are definitely
NOT alone my friend...  Thousands of folks just like you
try their hand at Internet Marketing everyday and, sadly, most never make a
single dime in profit.  In fact, most people actually
lose money!  How?

Well, almost everyone eventually buys some type of course on making
money when they have no success on their own.

Perhaps you have already bought a course because of a commercial you
saw on TV, or maybe an add caught your eye while surfing the net... and
they haven't worked.

For whatever reason, here you are, looking for someone or something to
help you make sense of this big ol' Internet Marketing puzzle... and that is
proving difficult as well.

The First thing I want you to know is, I certainly don't expect you to buy my
program without solid proof that it works.

And I'm not just talking about testimonials either... I'm talking REAL proof,
undeniable video proof, the kind you won't see on all those other fancy
sales pages with their screenshots of big checks and fat bank accounts...

Most likely, if you have been around for even just a day or two you have come across
these terms... maybe even seen courses on the best way to learn how to do them, and
hopefully make some killer money in the process.

I'm sure you have seen all the Clickbank and PayPal account screen shots with thousands
of dollars in them.  And maybe you even believed those pictures were real, but how do
you know for sure?  If you want to see how easily these are faked, just
click here to see a
video on how to do it.

Pretty amazing, don't you think?  Now I'm not saying that is what everyone does out there,
but you have to be careful... I've wasted thousands of dollars on worthless programs that
do nothing more than make those who wrote them rich, while I went further and further into
life sucking debt.

So, what kind of proof can I offer you that I am who I say I am and that my system actually
Well, video proof of course!

Now, it is safe to say that most new Internet Marketers will start trying to make money
through what is called Affiliate Marketing... selling other peoples products.

Which is awesome! You don't need your own product or have to worry about shipping and
handling or customer complaints or anything like that, the merchant takes care of all these
pesky little problems for you,

...and even better, most of the things you will be selling are digital information products.  
The customer gets what they paid for immediately, no fuss no muss!

Now, in order to sell these informational products you need to send people to the
merchant and if you make a sale, presto, you get a big fat commission.  That is what we
all want of course.

But, getting those people to the merchant is where the problem lies.  Just like a traditional
brick and mortar business, you could buy expensive advertising to get customers to the
merchant... or, like me, you could use
FREE methods.

And that is exactly what this course teaches you to do.  You write articles about the
product you're promoting and submit them to article directories across the web and if done
right, you will show up on the first page of Google, right beside the people who paid a
fortune to be in the same place!

Pretty cool, huh?  It's no where as easy as it sounds though.  You have to really know
what you're doing not only when it comes to writing the articles but when you submit them
to the directories as well.

It is not difficult at all once you know all the little secrets that most courses don't let you in
on... and I blow the lid off of all of them!

Okay, so how about that video proof I was talking about?  Another video? Hang in there, it
is important that you take this time right now to make sure you have all the necessary
information you need to buy my new course with total confidence...beileve me, it's worth it.

So, take another couple of minutes to watch this video so you know for sure I am who I
say I am and that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have read my
articles and clicked through to the sales page... which is
EXACTLY what you want... as
many eyeballs on your sales page as possible!
Please take a moment to watch this video... It may change your life.
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Okay, cat's out of the bag!  If you just watched the video above, you found out that I'm
practically giving away this course at just $29.  How can it be possible to get such
incredible value for such a small price?

Well, I have a lot of different things and products I sell online.  This program is not about
making me rich.  It is about you.  I have taken a chance on how I put together this sales
page because I wanted you to realize that I really do care about each and every person
who buys my course...
I WANT you to be successful!

Now I know that is me just talking and I may not have convinced you yet that this course
is everything you have been looking for and then some.  That it will teach you everything
you need to know to make money online.

If I have, and you are ready to sign up, awesome!  You can just scroll down a little bit and
hit the PAY NOW button.  But, if I still have some work to do, that's cool.  I want you to be
100% sure this program is for you.

So, not only have I added a couple of testimonial videos for you to check out, you can
also click on any of the pictures throughout this site and see what people have said about
the course!

and this is the good part,  I have include on this page one of the 25 videos that
comes with the course so you can see exactly how I go about teaching a concept and
that these aren't some run of the mill, 2 minute videos rehashing a bunch of garbage.

You know what else?  I don't even want your name or email in order to watch it either!  If
you can't see the incredible value and once in a lifetime opportunity I'm offering you, no
amount of follow up and arm twisting is going to change your mind.

Even if you have no intention of buying this course, please watch the video anyway... It
contains some extremely valuable information and techniques you can start using today
and this video alone could be sold for more than what I'm charging for the entire course!

So, if you are ready to start making some money, grab the course now.  If not, keep on
reading and watching my friend!
One Time
Payment of just:
Here's A Great Video Testimonial For You!
Kirst... Japan

Kirst, that awesome  gal in the video clip is a
member of Wealthy Affiliates, an extremely popular
Internet Marketing forum.

She came across a thread someone had started
over there talking about my product and jumped
all over it... she made 2 sales within a week of
finishing the course!

Over 1500 Wealthy Affiliate members viewed that
post and one other and 160 of them purchased the
course... 1 out of 10 or so isn't half bad!

I mention it because word of mouth sold the
product so these testimonials are very near and
dear to my heart and are so very appreciated!
Ashley turned out to be one of my very best writers
and has since moved on to a very lucrative career in
Internet Marketing.

She has developed her own product which will be
released very soon and I could not be more proud of

Her husband thought that making money online was
all a big scam and was very surprised when she
started bringing home checks bigger than the ones
he was making.  You go girl!

Ashley shows that even college students with very
busy lives can make money online.  Thanks Ashley
and I sure wish I had you back as a writer, but I
Okay, here is the video I was
talking about...

It is almost 30 minutes long so
you might want to go get some
popcorn or maybe a cold drink
before you start watching.

What I actually think you will do is
watch just enough of it to see if it
is worth your time and then
quickly realize you would be
crazy not to jump all over this

You can scroll on down and
check out what is in each video if
you want and then come back to
it, that's what most folks do.

This video comes with the course
so if you are on the verge of
buying but you're just not sure yet,
you might want to sneak a peak
and see what all the fuss is about.

Travis Sago loved this video in
paticular because it goes into a
really cool way to find a market to
sell to...something a lot of folks
have touble with
How To Find A Profitable Niche To Sell To...The Movie!
"I've gift wrapped your
success for you!"
One Time Payment of just $29.00
Still Not Sure?  How About A Run Down
Of What's In The Course...
Video 1:  How to Use This Course (5:20 min)
Video 2   Introduction to Bum Marketing (15:00 min)

Video one and two are an introduction to the course, what Bum Marketing is
all about and how to actually go about using the course effectively.

There's actually some pretty good info in these two videos and I kind of go off
on a tangent a bit about getting yourself in the right frame of mind to be
successful.  Staying focused is vital so I have to talk about it!

Make sure you watch these two videos before you start reading the eBook
that comes along with the video series as this will help you master each
concept and follow the plan in the proper sequence.
Video 3:  Introduction to Finding a Profitable Niche (11:18 min)
Video 4:  Finding a Profitable Niche, Part 1 (28:00 min)
Video 5:  Finding a Profitable Niche, Part 2 (46:53 min)
Video 6:  Finding a Profitable Niche, Part 3 (28:03 min)
Video 7:  Finding a profitable Niche, Part 4 (17:24 min)

Wow!  If you ever had the question about how to find a profitable niche, I think
you have finally found the answer.  These videos go into exactly how to find a
niche, the main source I use to get niche ideas, checking out experts in
uncovered niches, looking at competition to see if the niche is profitable and
much, much more.

I could sell just one of these videos for the price you paid for this entire
course!Are you beginning to see the incredible value here?
Video 8:  Keyword Research Part 1 (17:22 min)  Part 2 (14:50 min)

The two hours plus videos on finding a niche goes into keyword research and
it is mentioned several times throughout the course.

A lot of people make this harder than it needs to be so I put together a very
concise and easy to follow method for doing your keyword research.

Actually, you don't even need to find the keywords yourself, I show you where
to find thousands of long tail keywords and all you have to do is see if there
are an adequate number of searches each month for the phrase and if the
competition is at a manageable level.

We will go into exactly how to check for search volume and competition to
determine if the keyword can be used successfully.
Video 9:  Introduction to Article Marketing (26:22 min)

Far from "just" an introduction, this video goes over a lot of examples of
theory behind article marketing.

I show you that you do not need to be a great writer to be an effective article
marketer and make a ton of money... A lot of folks from all over the world with
limited abilities structuring a well written article are getting first page ranks.

This video goes over titles, article body, resource boxes and some of the
best ways to construct each of these important parts of an article that will not
only get found by the search engines but will be read by the searcher.

Another video that could stand alone but is just an "introduction".
Video 10:  Introduction to (24:39 min)

I absolutely love but it was not always that way.  I got
declined a number of times when I first started submitting articles and it took
forever to reach Platinum status because of numerous violations that I did not
even realize I was making.

This video will introduce you to and give you some valuable
tips and advice on how to write and submit your articles so they will sail
through the approval process and get published as quickly as possible!

EZA is going to be your bread and butter so you need to make sure you play
by their rules in the beginning and don't start off on the wrong foot!

This video will help you do just that.
Video 11:  List of Top Article Directories (16:53 min)

There's a whole lot of debate and confusion on how many article directories
you should submit to and which are the most effective.

I'll share with you my list of top directories and what I think about each of
them.  I'll also share my views on article spinners and article submission

I'll let you know exactly what the duplicate content penalty is and is not.  I get
the question about duplicate content penalty a lot and here is the definitive
answer, it may surprise you.

I'll provide you with links to the top article directories I use and over 100 more
that you can also experiment with.
Video 12:  Article Marketing: Writing Effective Articles (22:27 min)
Video 13:  Article Marketing: Article Body  (22:43 min)
Video 14:  Article Marketing: Resources Box  (15:00 min)

Here is about an hour of in-depth information on how to write a title that will be
found by the search engines and will entice the reader to open the article to
read it.

Once they are reading the article, we want to keep them on the page and
hooked to the valuable content we are delivering to them.  This set of videos
tells you exactly how to do it.

We then need the reader to want to visit our website for more information
from us and we do that by constructing an outstanding resource box.  This is
an amazing set of videos that you will want to watch over and over.
Video 15:  Article Formatting (10:37 min)
Video 16:  How to Write and Submit an Effective Article (21:35min)
Video 17:  Article Marketing Bonus Coverage (5:20min)

How you format your article can go a long, long way in whether or not your
future buyer will not only "start" reading the article but whether or not they will
finish reading it and be left hungry for more information.

I will show you the best ways to format your articles and give you an example
of how an article should be formatted by the editor of

We cover how to write an effective article in great detail and give you some
advanced tips you may have never heard of before when it comes to article
Video 18:  Article Marketing FAQ (37:10 min)

In this video, I answer a lot of questions from emails I have received on
various aspects of article marketing.

I also searched the forums and information put out by Travis himself and tried
to answer the questions as he might.

He did of course review these answers and has given them his seal of
approval so I definitely think you will get a ton out of this video alone.

I can't imagine you could possibly have any more questions about article
marketing after watching the previous videos as well as going over this video
where any question that may have been roaming around in the back of your
head is answered.
Video 19:  Introduction to Squidoo, Part One (31:14)
Video 20:  Introduction to Squidoo, Part Two (20:02)

At this point, we have looked at several Squidoo lenses and we now go into
exactly how you go about building your own
We cover how to set up a lens designed around key phrases as well as how
to set up a review style lens.

I will show you step by step how to open an account and how to edit each
lens module.   also show you a free tool you can use to give you the HTML
code necessary for bolding, underling, italics and creating live anchor text
that clicks through to your affiliate sales page.

You will see examples of pages I built, how I drive traffic to them and how you
can do the same.
Video 21:  Squidoo  Review (18:00)

Another great video on questions people have about using Squidoo to
market products.  I answer these questions in the spirit of the great master
Travis Sago.

I have talked with other experts that use Squidoo to earn a full time income
and have included some of their very best strategies that you can duplicate to
increase your chances of earning a great income from Squidoo.

We will take a look at some more Squidoo lenses that are producing great
income for their creators as well as a look at some lenses that are not so
great so you will know exactly what "not" to do when you build your own lens.
Video 22:  Link Love Strategies for Your Articles and Lenses (8:20 min)

Here is a bonus video that goes over some cool strategies for building back
links to your articles and your Squidoo lenses.

A lot of folks don't think to build those important back links to their actual
articles but it is vital that you do so!

This video goes over social book marking as well and shows you how to
automate the process.

Always look to build back links to your articles as well as your Squidoo lenses!
Video 23:  USFreeAds (8:02 min)
Video 24:   Into to Clickbank  (21:12 min)
Video 25:   The 4 - Day Money Making Blueprint  (still evolving currently at
A look at how you can place free ads for your affiliate product but also how to
ad powerful backlinks to your Squiddo lens.

This video looks at free versus paid options and the benefits using this
service can bring to your campaign.

Introduction to the wonderful world of Clickbank!  Awesome tutorial on how to
navigate thru Clickbank

And Finally, the 4 - Day Money Making Blueprint in all of its glory, ready to
make you some moooooney!
And Don't Forget About The 80 Page EBook
That Is Fast Becoming An Internet Classic!
Okay, that's about it, I don't know what else to tell you that might make
you come join us.  You have the eBook, the 15 hours of video and
growing, lifetime updates, future forum and more...

I sure hope you will decide to get this amazing video course and start
living your dreams online today!

I've got one more video testimonial for you from a very special student
who is knocking it out of the park while holding down a full time job and
taking care of her family too!  Oh, and she has a really great accent...
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4-Day Money Making Blueprint
Is it really possible to make money on the Internet?  To actually be able to quit your job and make money online, enough
to pay all of your bills and live comfortably.  Absolutely!

Folks just like you and me are logging on to the Internet and finding all kinds of ways to realy make money online.  Most of
are just starting out choose what is called affiliate marketing.  One form of affiliate marketing that is free to use is called
bum marketing.

Bum marketing allows you to make money online without a website, experience or any of your own money.  I know that
sounds pretty amazing but it is absolutely true and exactly how I started making money online myself!

Affiliate marketing is just a fancy way to say you are selling other peoples products in exchange for a commission.  The
great thing is of course, you don't have to develop your own product so you are able to get online right away and start
making money.

The 4 day money making blueprint shows you exactly how to do just that.  With an 80 page ebook called Conversations
With Travis and over 15 hours of video, the 4 day money making blueprint walks you through every step of setting up a
successful money making campaign from start to finish.

If you really want to know how to make money on line and don't have any money of your own to get started, then the
4-Day Money Making Blueprint is exactly what you need!

Yep, you just can't beat affiliate marketing to get started online and the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint is your ticket to

So, get out there and start making money online today!

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Given two thumbs up by Travis Sago, the
creator of The Bum Marketing Method
Follow Along As I Personally Teach
You How To Make $2000- $6000
Per Month Or More, As Fast As
Possible, Without Spending A
Dime Of Your Own Money!

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